Monday, July 14, 2014

Hidden Lilly

The hidden lily bloomed for the first time this year. I love this lily, because it really is hidden among huge round green leaves.  The petals are soft and so is the lovely lavender/pink color.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Garden in Disgrace

My gardens look HORRIBLE.  My friend, Kim, came by one afternoon and me weed one of the gardens (lily garden).  The other gardens have weeds taller than me.  It's shameful.  But between the summer heat, a son sick with croup and now my husband sick... my gardens need serious attention and I feel really bad about not nurturing them.

Even with me not giving them TLC, the gardens continue to bloom.  Here are some pictures taken this year:

I love the purple bloom - first time bloomer from Kim's father-in-law's garden.

You would think I'd be ashamed of the below picture with weeds.  This is NOTHING in comparison to how bad the weeds grew.  Thankfully Kim came over and helped me DIG out the weeds.

The purple bloom :)

This is a second year bloom

Yeah!  The fern thingie plant has finally bloomed.  It was planted 3 years ago.  Kim promised me it would bloom small white flowers and here they are.

Even though we had a healthy winter, the blue-blacks came back in full force!

Knock out roses growing well.

Ok, I have learned something new about passion flower vines... they migrate!  Greg took down the old vines on the fence.  I thought for sure it was a goner.  Not only did it come back... it has tiny vines cropping up throughout the back yard and a new vine has emerged on the back patio too!

Of course the below is a favorite with my son :)

Whoop Whoop!  It bloomed!  The curly leaf lily of 2 years in one garden and then transplanted in the lily garden for a year and it FINALLY blooms (a lot too).  Love it - bright pink.

The below picture - I got this in the mail.  Tossed the seed in the ground.  Last year the leafs came up and died out quickly.  I didn't think it would come back this year, but it did and it bloomed tiny white flowers.  Not sure what it is though.

Sadly, the below picture is the front garden and this is "clean" in comparison to the horrible weeds growing right now.

This is the "after shot" of the lily garden.  Thank goodness for Kim's help!

Spider lilies are cool.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Oh My Gosh!  I'm like a kid at Christmas time!  I was bringing the trashcans to the front of the curb and  in doing so, I walk by the lily garden... which is in desperate need of weeding, so I try not to look too hard.  But from the corner of my eye, I saw this Bright color in the depths of the green and stopped.  No way!

But Yes!!  It bloomed.  I have lily's that I planted almost two years ago that haven't bloomed.  This one planted a few months ago and it BLOOMED.  And Wow - it's beautiful - this is the hidden lily that my friend, Kim, gave to me.  LOVE the color!

Monday, July 22, 2013


My friend, Kim, gives me bulbs from her father-in-law's garden.  He must have a garden with a bunch of different bulbs.  Kim pulls out a small section, the small ones that have yet to bloom and she plants them in my garden.  This time, she gave me a small grouping and I planted them.  I saw the bulb start to grow and thought, "OH cool!!  Usually the new plants don't bloom until a year or sometimes two or three years later.  But this looks like a bloom coming for the "hidden lily" bulb."

I was excited and kept waiting for it to bloom.... but was in for a little surprise.

Hidden lilies are supposed to bloom "under" the big round leaves.

This is NOT under a leaf!

I looked closer..... these blooms have a straight thin leaf at the bottom.  It appears my friend have me two different bulbs!  So, I have a surprise lily in the garden and will wait patiently for the hidden lily to make an appearance.  I hope they both survive and come back again next year!

Monday, July 15, 2013


If you look on the previous post, you'll see a picture of this plant from Kim.  It's the lily that is supposed to bloom under the leaves.  The shoot at the bottom has suddenly sprouted up.  I know it's not a bloom, but wow, it seems like it shot up over night!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

View from my window

I love looking out of my front room window to this view:

There are oodles of butterflies flying in the garden this season, but this time, I saw this as well:

Last year, this plant did well.  It was from Sue's garden.  This year, Sue said it didn't come back from her garden.  But it did with mine and it's blooming very well!

More blooms on the tropical spider lily - Yeah!

This is a new lily that Kim gave to me - it came from her father-in-law's garden.  She said that the blooms bloom "under the leaves."  I can't wait to see it!  the leaves are huge.  There were two bulbs and I'm happy to see new leaves shooting out from the small second bulb in the ground.  I hope both survive!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Tropical Spider Lily First Bloom

I'm so excited, like a child on Christmas morning!  I love surprises :)

My friend, Kim, gave me plants from her father-in-law's garden last year.  We thought one of them was a spider lily.  It was planted in the front garden last year, no blooms.  This year, we created a lily garden along the side of the drive way and moved some of the front garden lilies into the lily garden.

I was praying the lilies would survive the transplant.  So far so good.  We thought the spider lily was the one on the left... but this morning, I woke up to a bloom on the right lily!

First thought was, "OH WOW!!  NEW BLOOM!"  I grabbed the camera and then saw it close up.. but wait... it looked like how Kim had described the spider lily... but it was on the wrong plant!  Lol.  So, I have no clue as to what that huge lily on the left will be.

Here's a close up of the spider lily - LOVE it!